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To any of my fellow DS2 fans, I hope you appreciate the title. As a big fan of others' body art, I thought it would be a great idea to explain what my few tattoos mean to me. After all, it is a question I hear time after time.

Walk By Faith

August 15, 2013 — when I got my first tattoo. I was 17 and had recently lost my grandfather to a heart attack. For two years, I had been racking my mind about what I would finally get etched into my skin when I turned 18.

Right before graduating high school, my paternal grandparents and my mom's father visited the States for their first time . My dad's parents had been staying with us, so I was used to finding them on the couch staring at the blank TV. I would usually greet them, then head over to my room; but that day they told me to sit on the couch to tell me the news that my grandpa had a heart attack and passed away.

This was before I found true solace in the word, but the first bible verse I saw during this hard time for me was 2 Corinthians; verse 7 stuck with me.

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 8 We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.

Although it was an abrupt decision, so was my grandfather's death and it was a passage I knew he stood with. My days of contemplation came to an end and 17 year old me took that as a sign to get inked ASAP. Looking back, I wish I had waited a few more weeks to turn 18 and get it done professionally, but it was $40 dollars well spent I would say.


For obvious reasons, I won't post a picture of the carnation on the side of my ribcage, but hopefully that description is enough. In my blog post titled "vulnerability" I wrote about an activity I participated in called "One Item One Story". I didn't go too far into detail as to what my 'item' was but it was my tattoo.

Weeks before getting this tattoo around my 21st birthday, I had to do a little more research than I had done for my last. I knew I wanted a flower, which was odd because I never really cared for flowers. This one stood out to me, as it's primary significance represents fascination, distinction, and love. In lesser words, these are some of the things I shared with other participants on my Alternative Breaks trip.

Fascination: I've always been one to ask a million and one questions about something if I don't get it or if I don't agree. Going to college fueled my inquisitive nature to a point that I learned so much more about myself and my surroundings and I wanted to illustrate that personal growth with this tattoo.

Distinction: Besides learning about myself, I retrospectively noticed I was trying to be someone I wasn't for so long. It's not that I didn't love myself (I don't think), but lack of personal guidance led to sticking to the status quo – even if it wasn't my own.

Love: The most salient aspect of who I am, and one that is ever changing. I've realized the way I receive and give love has no perfect approach and it's been difficult for me to grasp but I know it's not impossible.

Mom, if you're reading this – I want more :)

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