• Adriana Dos Santos


With another birthday under my belt, I can't pass up the opportunity to make a quick post about the things I've learned or that I am in the process of learning. In a soft attempt at sharing my 23 year-old wisdom, I've made a list for you all. These are harder than it seems to make.

Did this post need 4 pictures? No. Do I look good in them? Yes.

  1. Live in the moment more

  2. Mental and physical health are both important

  3. Not all relationships need to be maintained. It’s okay to lose friends, it happens.

  4. Do what makes you feel like a kid again

  5. Be thankful to God for the good and the “bad” in your life. There’s a reason for it all

  6. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to your loved ones

  7. Go to more concerts

  8. Seek advice from a variety of people in your life. But also remember to do what’s best for you

  9. Staying at home is amazing. But do something different every once in a while.

  10. Treat your parents to lunch or dinner more often

  11. You’re not taking too long to reach your goals. You’re just taking a different path on Gods schedule.

  12. Start and end everyday with prayer. Long or short it will set the tone for your whole day.

  13. Put yourself first.

  14. It’s okay to say how you feel when you feel it. You’re only doing yourself a disservice by always holding your tongue.

  15. Stop forgiving people that don’t want to be forgiven. Any relationship that ought to be mended will be, but it can’t always fall on you to restore it.

  16. Spend your money and time a little more wisely.

  17. Dress for the part you want. Be around the people you want to be like. You’re a product of your surroundings.

  18. It’s okay to not be okay. Healing takes time and you’re not wrong or slow for being honest about your feelings.

  19. Make time to show your appreciation to your friends and family. Get them flowers randomly. Visit then at work. Text them just to tell them you’re grateful for them.

  20. Watch more Tiny Desk Concerts.

  21. Be more intentional about what you intake. Be it food or content on the internet - it all matters!

  22. Leave your phone at home sometimes. She’ll be okay.

  23. Take life one day at a time and trust that you’ll be alright.


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