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I am really appreciating this "blast to the past" trend in youth fashion. Mom jeans, bell bottoms, tinted transitional lenses — it's all coming back to us.

This next look features items from my old stomping grounds and first real job, Cotton On. This Australian-based retailer is really rare; I got so used to explaining to people that Cotton On was a combination of H&M clothing with Forever 21 prices.

*Any pieces I was able to find online have been linked in the post.*

sweater | Cotton On. handbag | Michael Kors

I have always hated pink, I thought it was too girly. But this cotton candy phase is so infectious I actually really appreciate how it pops on my skin tone.

These jeans are from America's #1 searched fashion store, Fashion Nova. I was always skeptical to purchase from them but now that I have tried them, I am definitely a fan. As a tall and "curvy" person, it's sometimes hard to find high-waist jeans that fit snug around your waist and hips but also reach your ankles. These are my 4th pair of jeans from them.

Jeans | Fashion Nova. Boots| Target

sunglasses| Cotton On

What are your thoughts on bell sleeves?

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