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Something I mentioned in my post "How Not To Blog", I mentioned that I had various posts in my drafts that I never really expanded on. This is one of them. I wanted to talk about my past few months and an amazing trip I participated in in Tennessee. I never wanted to give up on this post because these are two topics I am passionate about and I hope to educate myself further on.


Knoxville, Tennessee

One of these topics was based on an invaluable experience I had this past Spring Break. I was able to attend an Alternative Breaks trip in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our topic was centered on relationship violence. My primary focus with this section is not to educate you all about relationship and domestic violence. Rather a continuation of a reflection we engaged in on the trip. Don't get me wrong, relationship violence is an important topic considering 1 in 4 women are victims to this issue – I'm just not versed enough to educate others while I am still educating myself on the subject.

I was lucky enough to spend an entire week with other students interested in the topic and other areas of social justice. The greatest conversation we engaged in that week was an activity called "One Item, One Story". We were tasked with sharing an item with the group and how it represented a significant aspect of our lives.

I was very hesitant to dig deep because I was worried my story wouldn't be "deep" enough. This is one of the dangers of invulnerability. Reflecting on one of my favorite Ted Talk sessions featuring Dr. Brené Brown titled "The Power of Vulnerability" - she mentions how we tend to numb vulnerability. Our preconceived notions of how people will react to the things we do or say holds us back from being real with ourselves.

I had prepared my "story" to tell, it was not what was initially on my heart. I noticed people were sharing experiences of their lowest times in their lives and I felt God's presence urge me to be honest with myself. Although I had never met these people prior to spending the week with them; I knew it would be liberating.

Something I have been working on is honing in on what God is saying to me and acting on it. Sometimes we think it's God - 9 times out of 10 we're telling ourselves what we want to hear and mistaking it for His word. One of my goals this year is to really surrender, making life so much easier and sweeter to live.

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