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God is good, I get to see another year on a Friday and I got no classes. Won't He do it.

Anyway, what better way to bring in my 21st year than with a picture I took when I was 20 and skinny? There is no better way. I tell myself every year I will keep track of what I've learned in the past year - which you'd imagine would be easy to think of since I'm the one who experienced the "learning". But I've been so 50 with writing in my journal which is what sparked the idea of starting a blog. The best way to hold myself accountable is if I know other people are watching.

So for starters, this post won't be what I wanted it to be, "20 things 20 taught me". The power of reflection is as effective thinking about your future as it is looking in your past. So here are "21 goals for myself", doesn't have the same ring to it though...

1. Buy my first bottle of wine tonight

2. Be consistent with the way I interact with everyone

3. Don't compromise my personality for someone elses'

4. Write in my journal every day either before I sleep or after I wake up.

5. Read the Bible before I start my day, not during.

6. Go to the gym 3 times a week (thanks Rachel)

7. Go to at least 2 concerts this year

8. Look fuego at all times, I always look busted at the wrong times. Just avoid it all together.

9. Bring my parents and brother to DHC more than once

10. Talk to my sisters in Mozambique more frequently

11. Talk to my family more often

12. Get my car by December (IN JESUS NAME) (Her name will be Condoleeza)

13. Maintain financial stability

14. Invest in some stocks

15. Pick my battles but

16. Not shy from confrontation

17. Post to this blog 1-2 times a week

18. Post to my YouTube channel more

19. Travel by myself

20. Learn to be content with solace

21. Have faith in He who gives me strength even when all odds are against me.

I was ready to write 22, 23, and so on. I guess it's great I have so many goals for myself, but for now this will do.


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