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Maybe it's just me but college hasn't been the "best 4 years of my life". A lot of it was great I can't lie, but I never really felt like "wow, I will never forget these 4 years". To this day I can barely remember how I met some of my best friends or a professor I had last semester. I know myself and I know I'm great at making excuses I think these are some of the reasons college hasn't been the best 4 years of my life

-I haven't used university resources to my advantage

-I didn't network as much as I should have

-I lived a repetitive lifestyle in terms of having fun and going out

-I haven't gotten a 4.0 (yet, in Jesus name)

-I haven't snuck into Byrd Stadium

Granted, these aren't experiences that should determine the level of enjoyment for everyone, my sentiments would be different if I had.

With that being said, if September 2013-year-me knew what September 2016-year-me knows know, the following words would be exchanged:

-Go to the career center at least 2 times a semester, thank yourself later

-Other people exist besides the one's you already know, talk to them.

-Don't get a job the first week of school, especially not at the diner, you will hate life

-Have fun in moderation. Remember, there is more to do than going to nasty frat parties

-School is only as hard as you make it. Know your study techniques and slay your GPA

-For the hell of it do something on the UMD bucket list (fountain is boring, branch out)

I still have a year left to make college the best 4 years of my life. By God's grace not only will it be lit like bic, but I'll leave this place with a job, amazing friends, and an engineer. Amen

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