• Adriana Dos Santos


I was. As far as I'm concerned, at least. Yeah, I was baptized in the Catholic church. Yeah, my middle name is Catholic (I love it). That's really all there is about me "being" Catholic. I don't count my baptism as me declaring anything because believe it or not, at a few months old I had no idea what was going on. This question had little to no bearing on my life until freshman year in college when someone asked me again. My Catholicism was never really brought up in my childhood.


My mom joined the Catholic church when she was in her early twenties, I believe. She lived with her grandparents and kind of did her own thing, so she found religion on her own. I think she chose Catholicism because of the opportunity to travel, namely to Portugal. She knew there would be no language barrier, she would learn more about her passion; food, and she could hopefully end up in the United States. So she took the opportunity, left Mozambique to Portugal and went to nun school (idk what that is, but that's what she called it). To make a long story - that I don't really know - short, she met my dad, ditched being a nun, came to the States, and had me. The reason I share this is because I think that at the time my mother had me, she was still young and impressionable. Maybe she thought she had to baptize me because she felt guilty for leaving the ministry? I can't speak for her. That's what it sounded like to me when I asked about her wild nun days.


I spent some time the summer before college started to learn more about faith in general. It took my grandfather dying for me to spark the idea of faith, which also inspired my "walk by faith" tattoo. Fast forward to freshman year and the question "you're catholic?". Had I known how to articulate what I know now, I wouldn't have said "Um, I yeah I guess".


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