Shame has a way of convincing us that our baggage is ours to carry and that our problems are ours to fix. 

The threshold for taking accountability for when you're in the wrong, in a situation you're embarrassed for, or just straight up ashamed to admit to is often an un...


They say millennials aren't buying houses because they'd rather spend 20 dollars on avocado toast. Now you don't have to. This is better than any avocado toast I have ever paid for and I fed my family for 14 dollars; thanks to thrifty grocery shopping and my new found...


It's officially holiday season, that means office potlucks, family dinner, and a lot of excuses to just indulge whenever you want. These stuffed mushroom caps are quick and easy, and the filling goes well on pasta, chicken, and toasted bread. 


  • 1 tea...


A majority of my "adulting" experience has been shaped by my expectations not being met in certain situations. When you’re not sure how something is going to turn out because you’ve never personally experienced it yourself, the way you set your expectations probably lo...


This past Mother's Day, I got a random urge to make my family a three-course meal by myself. First of all, expensive. Second of all, how do moms do it every day? I bit off more than I could chew, but dinner got made in time and everything was hot, seasoned, and cooked...


It has been brought to my attention that it's been a few months that I've posted a recipe. I'm always cooking but I rarely bring the camera in the kitchen with me. Today's recipe is something I'm always craving SALMON. My favorite kind of fish (when cooked properly), a...


For those who know me, it’s no secret that I love books. This hunger for stories was born at a young age. Growing up, at least 2 out of 7 days a week were spent at my mom’s bookstore, and thankfully, there was never a lack of books in our home.


To any of my fellow DS2 fans, I hope you appreciate the title.  As a big fan of others' body art, I thought it would be a great idea to explain what my few tattoos mean to me. After all, it is a question I hear time after time. 

Walk By Faith

August 15, 2013 — when...


If I was ever so unlucky to lose my speaking privileges, I would probably combust from all my thoughts stuck in my head. The nature of my work isn't really "supportive" of a talkative environment so I am stuck with other alternatives. I have recently found pleasure in...


With my recent revelations in various aspects of my life, I've slowly began to overwhelm myself with change. Perhaps that can speak to my month long hiatus; having too much on my mind is just as bad as having nothing on my mind

The constant changes I am experiencing i...

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